Old, meet New! "Old Fashioned" TV spots or "New Age" Video Streaming Spots

Quick, Concise Messaging

:15 second spots (aka bookends or pre-roll ads) have a special place in the world. In TV they are used at the beginning or end of every commercial break... hence the name "bookend." They serve as weight that hold all the books on a library shelf in place. Many argue they are the most effective in the days of DVR because the are the commercials with before or after we fast forward through the rest of the commercials.

We focus on creating quality, affordable ads for the small to medium sized business.

Online we call these ad video pre-roll. These have the same concept as their TV counterpart. In most cases the consumer is required to watch these ads... However, that is not always the case. Many folks allow the user/consumers to skip these ads after five or so seconds.

Of course we produce these as well. We can do the creative, the outlining, shooting, editing, etc... You just sit back and enjoy the show!


Ad Buying

We buy ads to get you the RIGHT kind of exposure!

FINDit doesn't only produce these engaging ads, but we can also help in placing them. We can buy ads on your favorite TV stations or we can find the perfect fit online. We can narrow demographics right down to your ideal customers. Making sure your budget and CPM is spent wisely.