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Old, meet New! "Old Fashioned" TV spots or "New Age" Video Streaming Spots


When I say :30 second TV spots (or commercials) every person over the age of 5 pretty much knows what we mean. Of course we produce them. We can do the creative, the outlining, shooting, editing, etc... In fact we work with quite a few agencies in the Kansas City Metro to produce their ads at costs their clients can swallow.

We can produce the $10,000 budget commercials, but the folks who can afford those are few and far between. So we focus on creating quality, affordable ads for the small to medium sized business.

Shifting focus to the Streaming Video Ads... there really isn't much of a difference. They can be :30 seconds, and they can be just as creative as the ones on the old fashioned "tube".

The thing many don't understand is the "where". Where can these ads go? Most commonly they go on sites like YouTube, WeatherChannel, Pandora, etc. Think about the videos you're forced to watch to get to your favorite show or video... those are Video Streaming Ads.

Ad Buying

We buy ads to get you the RIGHT kind of exposure!

FINDit doesn't only produce these engaging ads, but we can also help in placing them. We can buy ads on your favorite TV stations or we can find the perfect fit online. We can narrow demographics right down to your ideal customers. Making sure your budget and CPM is spent wisely.