A Flexible, but affordable video production that doesn't cut corners on quality.

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Long story short, our FINDit Feature is a watered down version of our MOV. There is less shoot time and less post production to keep it simple. Generally speaking, this is the MOV cut in half.

With this option we still have time to come to your location and interview someone, but we can't spend a whole day shooting and have to leave some bells and whistles at home.

Options like this we really don't have the time to bring our jib, drone, or cool sliders... Really we need to point and shoot, then keep it efficient.

We still shoot in HD and we can still interview some key folks, but we ask that you help us a little when it comes to scheduling.

One of the cool features to all our videos is our flexible pricing and payment options. We let our customers pay over time and we even have plans that include updates to your video year after year.

Meet with our team, we promise we will find a plan for you and your business.